Salinas School of Dance

Spirit of Salinas Irish Dancers

The Spirit of Salinas Irish Dancers are a high performance team available to perform at private parties, corporate events, weddings, birthdays and community service events. The fully costumed shows feature both traditional and contemporary costumes and choreography. The company travels with a state of the art sound system, their own stage crew and security team. They have performed at formal wedding receptions, and recently represented the City of Salinas at a Welcome Ceremony for the Lord Mayor of Drogheda, Ireland at the Steinbeck Center. They have been featured at corporate events as an outstanding example of “team work”.

Full length shows range from thirty to six minutes and can be tailored to include the style requested by the client. Proper flooring, a dressing area and bathroom are required and a tour of the facility is necessary prior to the signing of the contract. The company is booked more than one year in advance for St. Patrick’s Day shows, but is available October through June for performances in Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito and San Luis Obispo Counties.

Director, Lisa Eisemann, is an associate member of the Congress of Irish Dance Teachers based in Ireland.

Fees and references are available by contacting our director, Lisa Eisemann at
(831) 424-4655 or email (

We offer Jazz, Ballet, Tap Dance and Irish instruction for children and adults. Children are accepted from 2 1/2 years old (if potty-trained).
We look forward to your dance experience, and hope you will see why we "Dance for Fun."

All photos courtesy of Jason Cook of Cook's Photography, the official photographers for the Salinas School of Dance, Spirit of Salinas Irish Dancers and the Salinas Valley Civic Ballet Company.